Instructions of SpeicherBox SX

Titel Description Link
Installation of SX Sync Client Learn how to install the sync client and configure for SpeicherBox SX.
SpeicherBox SX business administrator Learn how to configure and use our new business deal.
Sharing and versioning Learn how you can share data and recover files from revisions.
SpeicherBox mobile and web app Learn how you can access SpeicherBox via your mobile phone and your web browser.
Configure synchronisation with Synology NAS Learn how you can synchronise your Synology NAS with our SpeicherBox.
Configure backup with Duplicati Learn how you can create a secure backup of your computer with Duplicati.

The most frequently asked questions about SpeicherBox SX

What are the most important URL's of the SpeicherBox SX System?

User Interface: Business Administrator: S3 Interface for NAS Sync:

Where can I download the Sync Client?

You can download the latest client from

Does SpeicherBox Support WebDAV?

No we don't support WebDAV Sync. We decided to use our own protocol fro End-to-End encryption and Support any Software with S3-Interface

Does your System support FTP or SFTP

Non, we don't support FTP or SFTP. Please Use S3 Capable Clients like Cyberduck ( or DragonDisk ( to Connect to SpeicherBox.

Do you have a Calendar- and Contacts Function?

At the moment we do not any function for Calendar and Contacts Synchronisation.

What is the difference between the customer center the the filestorage?

In the Customer Center we store alle your personal information like E-Mail, Billing Address and Subscription. We decided to store your personal informations and your files in two separate Systems. In this case you have to possibility to use different Passwords for the Customer Center and the Filestorage.

Do you support syncing Outlook PST Files?

As a general recommendation Microsoft does not support Syncing Outlook pst files. In this case we don't recommend it as well as it could end in data loss and pst-file corruption. If you sync your complete documents folder, please create a exception rule in the Sync Client -> Selective Sync -> Directories to ignore.

Do you have any access to my files?

We don't have any access to your files. All your files will be encrypted. If you use the End-to-End encrypted volumes all your files will be encrypted on your device.

How can I delete my SpeicherBox Account

Login to the customer center, change to the register edit and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There you can select delete my account.