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End-to-end encryption with AES256 - the only secure way for your data.

Ease of use is the focus of this small business server, so that even very small companies without their own admin can work without worries. The SpeicherBOX is the compact and inexpensive server for your company and comes with a ready-to-use complete package of software to you. The installation of the services is included in the price.


  • Client-side encryption> maximum protection for sensitive data - no access even for server administrators
  • Versioning> Restoring previous file and folder saves through delta storage
  • Data redundancy> protection against data loss and downtime in the event of a hardware defect due to mirrored hard drives
  • Local and cloud backup> Automatic backup for remote backup destinations and manual backup on USB drives​​
  • Access protection > Effective defense against systematic attacks (brute force) through access logging and IP blocking
  • On-site hardware support> On-site hardware support
  • Specifications

  • processor Intel Xenon E3
  • 16GB ECC RAM
  • Harddisk 1TB (Raid 1)
  • Additional hard disk without SSD operating system on HDD
  • The mini server is only available in conjunction with a 'business premium subscription'.