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Why Speicherbox?

Looking for the best cloud storage in Switzerland? Decide for yourself whether the services of Speicherbox.ch as a cloud provider in Switzerland appeal to you. We give you our promise of quality.

Swiss data centers

Cloud storage is exclusively on servers in Swiss high-security centers. This means for our customers: no data storage abroad. Data protection and jurisdiction are in accordance with Swiss requirements.

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Simultaneous editing.

Edit and share Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents with multiple people at the same time - without additional software. It's no problem with the built-in Office Editor in Speicherbox cloud storage.

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Secure storage of your data

The Speicherbox security promise: Your data is encrypted end-to-end. That means the data is transmitted encrypted and also stored with encryption. So all your stored data is truly secure.

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Sole data access.

You need absolute security? Speicherbox guarantees you secure storage of confidential and personal data. Even we, as a cloud provider, have no access.

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