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The best cloud storage for home

Simple, convenient and secure. Back up your data in the best cloud storage for home. Accessible from any smartphone, tablet or computer. Secure & affordable.

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  • 10GB Speicherplatz

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  • 1 Benutzer

  • 1TB Speicherplatz

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  • 2TB Speicherplatz

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Premium Price CHF 229.00/yr
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Our Quality Promise.

Easy setup and management

You don't need any special IT knowledge to use the cloud storage. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for you to upload, share, and manage data.

Convenient access from anywhere.

Easily access your data from anywhere or share files such as photos, videos or documents with friends or family..

Security from Switzerland.

Our servers are located in Swiss high-security data centers. Your data is therefore subject to Swiss data protection and jurisdiction and remains secure.

Best cloud storage for home

As a home user, store your private documents securely on Speicherbox.ch. Photos, tax documents, insurance policies, ID cards, prescriptions, other documents - simply everything that is important to you. The data is at your fingertips around the clock for editing, sharing or showing.

The functions at a glance.

Offers and costs


Release to internal and external recipients possible

File synchronization

Synchronization between server and multiple users

File locking

Locking of office files when edited externally

File versioning

Easy recovery from older file versions

Recycle bin

Recover deleted files within 30 days

Encryption Trojan Help

Ransomware protection and easy folder structure recovery

Document editing

Text editor

Editing text files with integrated text editor

Markdown editor & wiki functions

Fast editing of MD files for wikis

Office Editor

Editing Office files without additional software

Preview PDF & Office documents

View directly in browser, e.g. DOCX, PPTX, XLSX, ODT)

Administration & Security

Transport encryption

Secure data transmission encryption

End-to-end encryption

Secure encryption of data before transmission

2-factor authentication

User ID with 2 factors to protect data


Scan all files for malware

Your satisfaction with our cloud service is our top priority. That's why, as a company based in the beautiful Swiss town of Zofingen, we also guarantee Swiss quality - both in terms of service and when it comes to the security and availability of your data. Please feel free to contact us. We will gladly take the time for a personal conversation.